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Get your product to market, generate revenue, and increase cash flow

Think more strategically 

As an entrepreneur your main objectives are to get your product to market, manage cash flow, and to build a strong team and process into your business.  Running a business is the one of the most rewarding things you can do with the right strategy, people, process, and technology.

Our goal is to make you think more strategically and help you achieve results faster in your business.

Get fast results that work 

We offer entrepreneurs and start-ups an opportunity to kickstart their business plan through a full day strategy workshop. During our strategy workshops, we will dive deep into the business idea to determine the quickest path to success and shape your ideas into a strong business plan. During our workshop, you will learn how to: 

  1. Define your short and long term vision and mission statement
  2. Develop an effective mission and create SMART company goals
  3. Ensure your business is set up for the WOW factor, unique and adds value
  4. Analyze your competitors and your competitive advantage
  5. Flush out the numbers and understand your revenue and cost streams and determining your gross margin
  6. Build out your financial forecast and how to determine expected revenues, margins, and your break even point.
  7. Sell and market your business and products
  8. Discover your operational strengths, opportunities, and risks
  9. Think more strategically in your business
  10. Develop an operational and go-to-market plan that gets results

The workshop will be held in our think room in Los Angeles. After our workshop, you will have a strategic roadmap and go to market plan.

Get the right approach from LIV Advisors.

Turn your idea into a streamlined business.